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Neko Army:Edit

"We fight 'till the end of us all! we fight 'till the end of time! 'till all thats left, is dust and grime!"
—Neko Army troops
Neko army girls

two neko Army girls

The Neko Army (猫軍 "Neko goen") is 60,000 soldiers strong and is watched over by a few nekos (names will not be relasted). The Neko Army has fought the Inu Army (犬軍 "Inu goen" aka Dog army) which was known as one of the strongest armies there was. 


The Neko Army has been in 6 wars. 4 with the Inu, and at this time one with the people of The Doche no Shinko ("信仰の土地" Japanese for The Land of Faith) and the Michiganians.